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Approaches of cleansing and also upkeep of a/c unit prior to the summer season

he nature of seasonal use the ac unit, which requires it to stop working for a period of months, in addition to its working system that depends on the warmth exchange between the evaporative and also condensation coils, are good factors to cleanse the ac unit regularly to remove any kind of barrier that may act as an insulator for those files and also impact the efficiency of the tool as well as reduce its efficiency, By following this guide provided by شركة تنظيف مكيفات بالدمام, you will be able, in simple actions, to do an extensive maintenance of the a/c in your house at no cost.

Steps to clean the ac unit

Preparing to cleanse the a/c consists of:
Shut off the electricity supply to the ac unit from the main control panel.
Use hygiene supplies (face mask and also specialist glasses) to stay clear of exposure to dust-laden bacteria while cleaning.
Secure the elements around the air-conditioner as well as underneath from walls, floorings and also furniture from flying dust while cleansing with a plastic cover or mat.
Cleaning agent: prepare a cleaning solution consisting of vinegar + water in a ratio of 1: 1, or utilize an ac system cleaning spray.
Cleaning up devices: hoover, blower (air blower), spray bottle.
Begin by cleansing the interior system (evaporator), by raising the device cover as well as unscrewing the front filters to soak them in the cleaning remedy.

On the other hand, you must make use of the cleaning service via the spray bottle to clean the evaporator coil well by immersing it with cleaning agent as well as cleaning the dust dropping from it, until it is completely cleaned up, making sure to completely dry totally, as well as you can likewise spray the internal part with an anti-bacterial substance.
After that the filters are thoroughly cleaned with a soft brush, rinsed and dried prior to installment, and then the unit cover.
Then comes the role of the exterior unit (the condenser), which is always discovered al fresco, as the system cover is loosened up using appropriate devices, to make sure that its crucial inner elements are the fan and also the condenser coil.
Make use of the blower to eliminate dust and also dirt from all components of the device.
Utilize the fin comb (which is a condenser coil cleansing tool and a soft brush so that it doesn’t flex the delicate coil cilia.
Make use of a cleansing remedy to clean the follower and all components dry, after that carefully completely dry and also change the cap.
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Actions to maintain the air conditioning system prior to the summer season

Cleaning up or replacing filters: There are two types of filters for air conditioning unit, reusable filters as in a split a/c unit, and also this type is cleaned up and cleaned with water, and the second kind is one-time filters and these are changed with brand-new ones if they are really dirty, within a month Optimum.
Inspect the electric links of the air conditioning unit to make sure that it is not impacted by the warmth or components of it burn.
Examine the insulation of the cooling pipelines linking between the indoor and outside systems.
Clean the water drainage pipe from any kind of bits that obstruct its course, such as leaves and straw, by pumping an amount of cleaning agent liquifying the dust right into it and rinsing it well.
Improving the performance of the exterior unit by getting rid of any type of all-natural or environmental influences on its efficiency such as:
Removal of thick trees near them that block airflow.
Clean the area around the unit well.
Eliminate the cover that has actually been placed on throughout the winter and also when the air conditioning unit has quit being made use of.
It is additionally possible to stop the influence of sunlight on the exterior system by shading it with ideal products.


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